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High Quality Surgical Instruments Manufacturer, On-Time Delivery, Competitive Prices. manufactures top Quality Surgical, Dental, Beauty Care, Veterinary and Dental Instruments. The Company has been established with a global vision to fulfill requirements of health care providers professionally. Surgical instruments include all types of Operation Theatre instruments of Orthopaedic, Ophthalmology, Gynaecology, Cardiovascular, ENT, Dental Surgery, General Surgery, Dental Oral Surgery, and Orthodontic Surgery etc. delivers consistently superior quality surgical instruments in a highly Quality Control Environment and use most modern machines under the supervision of highly qualified professionals. We are committed to providing state-of-the-art surgical devices that address customer and market needs, on time, and to comply with requirements & maintain the effectiveness of the quality management system. Every effort is made to manufacture the finest quality surgical instruments at exacting specifications. We also have a fully equipped Quality Research Lab to control the quality of instruments at each and every step. The proper stainless steel, stamping and forged materials used are meticulously selected and go through highly effective quality control. guarantees that all of our products have been manufactured by skilled instrument craftsmen using only quality materials.

We further want to not only ensure our valued consumers for our finest quality products but also guarantee our products to satisfy environmental and moral standards. Each instrument is manufactured to international quality standards and bears the CE Mark. Our ISO 9001 & 13485 Management System ensures a consistent quality product is supplied first time, every time. Our surgical instruments catalog features over 6000+ instruments, ensuring that we meet all of our customers’ surgical instrument needs, regardless of application. As we manufacture everything in-house we are able to accommodate unusual requests, and can produce bespoke instruments if our customers prefer something ‘made to measure´. This flexibility allows us to meet the increasing demands of the modern theatre environment.

Our Instruments are exported to all the continents of the world and liked by Medical Professional / Doctors, Surgeons, Para Medical professionals, Hospital Administrators, Pathologists, Radiologists, Physiotherapists, Distributors / Traders, importers and Senior Professionals from both Government and Private Hospitals.

We do not pretend to revolutionize surgery; we provide solutions that make this practice easier and safer. We can manufacture any specific sizing or finish (Polish, Satin or Sand Finish) instruments. Thank you for your time and interest in We will continue to do the best we can for the years to come.

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